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Etmol Hayom
Etmol HayomEtmol HayomEtmol HayomEtmol HayomEtmol HayomEtmol HayomEtmol Hayom


Etmol Hayom

1x7" 45 RPM

Mar 21, 2018 - Israel

Post Punk, Synth, Balearic, Dreamy Vocals, Cold Wave, Electronic ...


A - Etmol Hayom
B - Shavit

About this record:

"Xen & Yovav return to Malka Tuti in 2018 with full thrust and eyes to the future. After being responsible for the first 2 releases on the label, this time the enigmatic singer and the influential producer collaborate and deliver 2 original songs. Hayom Etmol is a 100% good vibe diy post-punkish poppy song with a flowing synthetic bass line, balearic guitar riffs and dreamy vocals. The B-Side, Shavit, is a vocal led song, with a repetitive guitar bassline and, trip guitar riffs and a minimalistic drum machine. low fi in its production Shavit feels as if it has been dug out of an abandoned 80s record store in the outskirts of Glasgow or Amsterdam, with a strong cold wave feel to it. This 7” will be the first in a series of more diy approach to electronic music, song writing and production. Some exciting names on the bill so hold on to your chairs... Hayom Etmol’s artwork design was made as always by Morey Talmor, with a printed inner sleeve designed by the Israeli artist Kobi Swissa and a special silkscreened outer PVC sleeve."

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