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Viral Shedding

Nocturnal Emissions

Viral Shedding

1xLP Album

Apr 13, 2019 - Germany


A1 - Delgado Monkey Torture
A2 - Too Many Wounded
A3 - Body Count
A4 - Wee Wee Wee
A5 - Suffering Stinks
A6 - No Separation
B1 - No Magic
B2 - Going Under
B3 - Suffering Still Stinks
B4 - Haldol Shuffle
B5 - Theme Music
B6 - Bloodbath

About this record:

"Originally released on Illuminated Records in 1983, "Viral Shedding" is surely one of the most important references for the industrial/funk dance music. Between pure noise and electronic beats, 'Viral Shedding' is creating a twisted and percussive rhythmic urge, a funky disco sound permeated by digital industrial beats. Nigel Ayers and Caroline K take their inaccessible best and thrown it into the melting pot with a set of pumping rhythms. The result is the frustrated son of mutant disco, swimming in the same waters of Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tackhead, Meat Beat Manifesto and Hula. As Nigel Ayers recalls, "Popular music picked up on what we were doing 1983-1984, which helps explain why records such as -Viral Shedding- sound clubbier today than they did at the time, but the technology of music making locked in a seat of aesthetics in those days that shaped pop as a whole more than industrial music itself did. Whether by synthesizer manufacturers' musical design or through engineering limitations, the more automated a band allowed their music to become, the dancer it was likely to be." Features the classics 'Suffering Stinks', 'Going Under' and 'No Separation'."

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