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Delivero Ep

Version (version014)

Release date: Oct 10, 2019, Germany

"When Will Lynch went over to Orson Sieverding's place last September to interview him for a label of the month feature, the German artist had been up all night finishing a track called "Toxic Waste." A little over a year later, it's now released as the B1 on the Delivero (sic) EP, Sieverding's latest record on his own Version label. Lynch's description of the track leapt out at the time: "sweltering reverb and a swampy kind of bass that felt very dub. The drum pattern, though, was pure house." Sieverding, who's known as one of Germany's foremost exponents of dubstep and its related styles, explained that he tends to start his DJ sets slow and builds to roughly 145 BPM. With Delivero, we get a whole EP dedicated to the earliest moments of his sets.
A few key things differentiate Sieverding's house tracks from the standard stuff: space, bass and atmosphere. It'd be too simplistic to say the EP sounds like a dub and dubstep guy doing house, but that's not far off. "Toxic Waste," for instance, feels like it's skanking in a cathedral, such is the volume of reverb tailing its snares and background sounds. At 106 BPM, "Delivero," a combination of reggae samples, sharp kick drums and heavy bass, is closer in tempo to dub than dubstep. "Agadir" is similarly paced and adds hand percussion to the mix, à la Yak. It's possible Sieverding has started or ended a set with "Garzweiler," an atmospheric ambient piece with ghostly touches. There's admittedly a certain novelty factor in hearing Sieverding make house music, but while these aren't the strongest tracks to leave his Friedrichshain studio, they should get plenty of play in their intended part of the night."
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Toxic Waste