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Just Me ’N You
Just Me ’N YouJust Me ’N YouJust Me ’N YouJust Me ’N You

J.R. Bailey

Just Me ’N You

1xLP Album Reissue Stereo

Sep 18, 2020 - UK & Europe

Be With re-issue of J.R. Bailey's soul classic 'Just Me ’N’ You'.


A1 - After Hours
A2 - Heaven On Earth
A3 - Just Me 'N You
A4 - She Called Me
A5 - Cute As A Button
B1 - Love Love Love
B2 - I'll Always Be Your Lover
B3 - All Strung Out Over You
B4 - Not Too Long Ago
B5 - Everything I Want I See In You

About this record:

A dramatic, string-drenched epic, James Ralph Bailey’s Just Me ’N’ You has been a sought-after soul masterpiece for decades. A lush suite of beautiful songs, it was conceived as a concept album; a sophisticated paean to love.

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