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Androo, Bony Fly

Love Affair

Soundclash or romance? Bony Fly vs Androo have composed six tracks finely balanced between the care given to sound experimentation and the explosive ardor of the dancefloor. "Love Affair EP" was born from this particular research, the fruit of a common passion for dub music, dancehall and its infinite variations. Radical and popular, the EP carries within it this generous and spontaneous quest for dance, naturally provoking body movements. It is also combined with a particular attention to sound textures, subtle and harmonious, whose multiple references (to jazz in particular) testify to an overflowing curiosity.


Dancehall Science (Intro Radio Mix)


Xoxo Dub


Dancehall Science (Interlude Mix)


Bounce Bounce (Love Mix)


Fight Unity


As A Sign


Classic (Beaucoup) Trop Classic (Radio Dub Mix)