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Wot Times
Wot TimesWot TimesWot Times

Model 11-29

Wot Times

1x12" 33 ⅓ RPM

Jan 1, 2021 - Italy

REPRESS. Originally release in 1983. Disco, Electro, Boogie, Balearic… Check !


A - Wot Times
B - Wot Times (Instrumental)

About this record:

Best Record Italy presents a reissue of Model 11-29's "Wot Times," a particularly inspired work by the legendary Sangy that transforms "Rapper's Delight" into a slice of Italo-balearic ecstasy. On the vocal version, drums sit between disco and electro as they boogie down to a breakdance beat, with greasy funk basslines slapping and sliding in support. Solar dub chords pulsate through anthemic pattens, pads blow across the mix like a warming ocean breeze, synth leads sparkle in coral colorations, and those classic Sugar Hill Gang lyrical flows are reconfigured into an ebullient spoken word rap, which is then morphed by futuristic fx and interspersed with shouts, grunts, and call-and-response chants. On the flip, the instrumental version walks with more of a sexual disco strut, resulting in a summertime seaside cruiser overflowing with dazzling synthesizer displays, as organ chords generate mirage visions, gemstone leads shimmer through swells of tropical mist, and acid-laced Italo pulsations work the spirit into euphoric beach dance hypnosis.

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