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I Bet You
I Bet YouI Bet YouI Bet YouI Bet You


I Bet You

1x12" 45 RPM Single Reissue Remastered

Jan 1, 2022 - Germany

Beautifully produced lovers rock from 1986, by LA based Shakaman. Guaranteed to melt away all bad vibes, only love. Vocal on the front, dub version on the back.


A - I Bet You (Vocal Version)
B - I Bet You (Dub Version)

About this record:

Exquisite lovers rock reggae bomb produced by Los Angeles based reggae master drummer, Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman. Lucid dream inducing lyrics over a cruising beat interlaced with gorgeous melodies will make you fall in love all over again. Dub version on the back, bound to slowdown any sunset. Take a trip, don't come back. Beautifully remastered for vinyl by one of Berlin's top mastering studios, Man Made Mastering.

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