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Niemand Tanzt
Niemand TanztNiemand TanztNiemand TanztNiemand Tanzt

1x12" Maxi-Single 45 RPM

Jan 1, 2023 - Germany

German electronic experimental project originally released in 1989 by Andreas Koeper, featuring synthetic downtempo digger delight “Pink Rhythm”, remastered.


A1 - Niemand Tanzt
B2 - Pink Rhythm

About this record:

Andreas Koeper is a German contemporary/experimental composer and drummer with a background in Philosophy and Art history. “Niemand Tanzt” was originally released in 1989 and in the past years it has become a sought after obscurity amongst diggers ever since Chee Shimizu put it on the radar after unearthing it throughout inspection rounds in Berlin record stores. Although the A-side might have been the essence of the single at the time, it's the B-side's “Pink Rhythm” that puts this release on the map for DJs, the track's gradient from an empty half tempo to rich 4 on the floor patterns serves any well versed DJ as an on-ramp for new gears to be put into place as the track grows into various ramifications of Andreas' studio production techniques: playful percussive elements, provocative guitar riffs over a solid rhythm section. Freshly remastered by manmade in Berlin.

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