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1xLP 45 RPM

Jan 20, 2023 - Spain

Beautiful Spanish Free Improvisation, Experimental, Jazz, Rock.


A1 - Birjaiotza
A2 - Low Soil
A3 - Ulu
B1 - Lepok
B2 - Mamu kitarjolea

About this record:

Urpa i musell is pleased to present our seventh release entitled Lepok by Joseba Agirrezabalaga & Mikel Vega. The very unique Basque scene of sound experimentation has had two main hubs for more than twenty years: the highly regarded and sorely missed Larraskito in Bilbao, and the iconic and resilient Matadeixe / Matadero in Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa). Mikel (Conteiner, Killerkume, Loan, Orbain Unit) from Bilbao and Joseba (Autoa, Fernalia, Paezur) from Azpeitia are two fundamental pillars in this great story, thanks to their multiple musical projects, their skills as listeners and also their work as faithful members involved in the daily operations of the venues: a warehouse in the Errekalde neighborhood in Bilbao and an old residence once used as a slaughterhouse in Azkoitia converted into catalyst shelters of sonic exploration. Located in very different realities, multiple dialogues between both spaces have been constant throughout the years. The collaboration we present here is a perfect exponent of this long-standing cross-pollination. The album consists of improvisation from a duo, in which both musicians play guitar and effects. Joseba and Mikel are good friends and know each other very well but, at the same time, they had never played together before. This mutual ambivalent (un-) knowledge creates an unrepeatable situation of intimate distrust. They interact vigilantly, very close to one another, neither artist able to flee. Compact tension crosses the album and its content friction takes them to irrepressible eruptions. In doing so, their interplay becomes arid. Lepok drags us with them until we are irremediably buried.

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