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1xLP Album

Jan 13, 2023 - Italy

A sonic clash between electronica, jazz and dub with Adrian Sherwood at the controls.


A1 - A Queda Do Céu
A2 - Skankification
A3 - Sinnervisions
B1 - Janjaweed Comes At Sunset
B2 - Strategy Of Tension
B3 - Proton Swap
B4 - Masaai Smiles
B5 - Next Come From Waves

About this record:

The Fire crew meets dub legend Adrian Sherwood for a live performance that is finally released on record today. A sonic clash between electronica, jazz and dub of which the British producer signs live mixes and dubs. Total interplay between the musicians and the dubmaster. This audio work has accompanied powerful live cinema visuals dedicated to fire in all eras and civilizations, up to the present day dominated by the uncontrollable effects of technological development on a planetary scale. The album cover, now out in limited edition, is a photo by artist Antoine Le Grand.

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