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Pure Virgin

宀 Music (MIHN007)

Release date: Feb 3, 2023, Hong Kong

Pure Virgin EP, compiling 3 original tracks that were produce by Vietnamese artist "TrinhNu" during the most intense lockdown in Vietnam, is considered as a love letter to the early 90s dance music - unconventional, progressive and fearlessly fun. “A Shout Going Out” kicks off as a quasi-breakbeat House track, accompanied by the nostalgic samples. “The Cliffhanger”, inspired by European proto-Trance, offers a mystical ambience and a darker atmosphere to the club. On the other side, peak-time “Tu Nay” is the journey of ravey sounds with euphoric M1 synth-lines and classic samples. Liquid Earth guides “Tu Nay” into an orbit around a trippier and richer sphere of Tech House.


A Shout Going Out


Tu Nay


The Cliffhanger


Tu Nay (Liquid Earth Remix)