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Leaps & Bounds

Singers & Players

Leaps & Bounds

1xLP Album Limited Edition Reissue Remastered

Jan 1, 2023 - Europe

Crucial Adrian Sherwood dub production from the interchangeable Singers & Players unit..


A1 - Moses
A2 - Make A Joyful Noise
A3 - Alla La - Dreadlocks Soldier
A4 - Autobiography (Dread Operator)
B1 - Breaking Down The Pressure
B2 - Dog Park
B3 - Vegetable Matter
B4 - Striving

About this record:

Singers & Players are a collective of reggae musicians who have been active since the early 80s, mostly associated with the influential On-U Sound label and producer Adrian Sherwood, who brought them together as a collective to form the basis of the label. Leaps & Bounds is their latest reissue; first released in 1984, it originally came out on the On-U Sound label and was typified by an eclectic 'dream-dub' sound. At the time, the album's contributors included Mikey Dread, Congo Ashanti Roy and Prince Far I, who colluded to create a varied mixture of dub tracks, from the mutedly soulful optimism of 'Striving' to the storytold joy of 'Dog Park'.

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