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Danton's Voice Selected Works '89
Danton's Voice Selected Works '89Danton's Voice Selected Works '89Danton's Voice Selected Works '89Danton's Voice Selected Works '89

Danton's Voice

Danton's Voice Selected Works '89

1x12" 33 ⅓ RPM Remastered

Jan 1, 2023 - Germany

Belgian New Beat EBM Compilation of Dirk De Saever's EP releases from 1989. All 3 EPs in one record with original mixes on A-side and instrumentals on B-side.


A1 - Yoshua
A2 - Magic Mushroom
A3 - Kick Your...
B1 - Yoshua (Remix)
B2 - Magic Mushroom (Instrumental)
B3 - Kick Your... (Diet Mix)

About this record:

Although his released body of work is relatively small, Dirk De Saever's EPs come with a rather unique aesthetic in sound. Once New Beat was established and exploded as a dancefloor craze in Europe, there seems to have been a bit of a flood of attempts at making “a hit” within the style, filter through most of that and you'll eventually land on Dirk's mini catalogue of top grade Belgian New Beat. This 12” is a compilation of De Saever's 3 EPs combined in one, featuring original mixes on the A-side and instrumentals on the B-side. First track comes with a simple synthesized melody that would have been New Beat chart material, but maybe the sampled lyric was too vulgar for radio play, and maybe Dirk didn't care. The kind of track that makes you think you already know it, yet it's still fresh to the pallet. A2 is like the soundtrack to a stroll down a rough neighborhood in the outskirts of Brussels when all of a sudden the drug dealer, obviously too high on his own supply, jumps out from behind a Friet met Maiyonaise stand trying to sell you some kind of illicit candy in rough translation from Flemish to enthusiastic English – take two of whatever it is he's selling and hope for the best. Later that night, in some warehouse after hours party the DJ plays A3 as your bad trip derails into full on nightmarish Belgian waffle brain damage - New Beat at its best. Always cruising around the 110 bpm marker, waiting to see what happens, no rush, nowhere to go, easy does it.

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