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We're Go
We're GoWe're GoWe're GoWe're Go

1x12" 33 ⅓ RPM Remastered

Jan 1, 2023 - Germany

Rave/breakbeat sample based sounds from the US's west coast scene, produced by Kandel and Chasteen in 1991.


A1 - We're Go: Stage 1&2&3
B1 - Testimonial
B2 - Psychic Dreaming

About this record:

Another preciosity from the amazing Exist Dance catalogue made readily available to your record collections in newly remastered format. On the A side, “We're Go” is a 3 stage piece of breaky prowess developing throughout a total of almost 13 minutes spiraling around a catchy cosmonautic vocal sample. B1 brings a quintessential Rave energy to the table with samples from live crowds echoing over high octane break rhythms, would be hard to stand still for the duration of this - highly effective on a dance floor. B2 takes a turn towards more introspective moods as it brings in psychedelic elements intertwined with “world music” samples. Very much characteristic of the distinguished Kandel/Chasteen Exist Dance sound. West coast early 90's rave at its best, can't go wrong. “Recorded in Heaven, in 1991, according to the label.”

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