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K​ā​thā Remixes

Siamese Twins Records (ST​​​-๐​​​๐​​​๘)

Release date: Mar 27, 2023, Thailand

The transcendental ambiance of the Kāthā cassette continues its amphibian metamorphosis. Adapting to its new terrestrial reality.

Cerebral elements spread through the spine of Kusuma’s double offering towards Nic Ford’s ‘Cyberd’ layering percussive realms with a delicate balance of obscurity and enlightenment. Bolstering into the raw energy of a sacred rainforest at dawn.

On the flip side, Konduku stays fearless on Khun Fluff’s ‘Daw’ with his signature style of ominous drum patterns, fluttering low-ends. Goosebump-inducing textures across the grid - keeping the feline’s voice and meditative presence reverberating throughout.

Cosmic veteran, Higher Intelligence Agency, transforms Temple Rat’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” through his trademark synthetic modulations into a spellbinding B2 dream.


Nic Ford - Cyberd (Jonathan Kusuma Swamped Mix)


Nic Ford - Cyberd (Jonathan Kusuma Splinter Mix)


Khun Fluff - Dāw (Konduku Dub)


Temple Rat - The Garden of Earthly Delights (Higher Intelligence Agency Mix)