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Jogada Remixes

Jogada - Jogada Remixes | Púca Sounds (PUCA003) - main
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Masambakatu (Telephones Sambalearic Street Jam)



Coco de Pista (Jogada Remix)



Cavalo (Audrey Danza Remix)



Ohne Coco (Bonus Track)


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Púca Sounds (PUCA003)

1x Vinyl 12" EP

Release date: May 25, 2023, Germany

Nothing tells you that the summer is approaching than a tip-top scorching hot remix package, with 3 fresh perspectives causing UV rays to pierce out the soundsystem with the hit of every bongo.
Take it as a soundtrack for the balearic block party of fantasy; a communal affair of trance-dance conjuring and conjugation, genetic cellular beings fusing via common sound and familiar yet distant rhythms. Time to stretch, whether your face or legs, with the odd glance and side-eye around to your fellow dancers to confirm ‘mmmm yes’.

Each mix seemingly holds a place with the movement of the sun; Telephone’s mix bringing the street together through the day, Audrey Danza’s descending into dusk, Jogada’s ascending for the dawn, and the essential bonus track for when the daydream finally melts away...