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Gang Of Ducks (GOD32)

Release date: Apr 27, 2023, Italy

Crono is a collection of 4 tracks made in the span of 2019-2022, following each other in chronological order of creation.
In an era where information runs fast, and just one year ago feels like ages ago, the music inside this ep comfortably sits in a time bubble, absorbing old and new influences and melting them organically.

Dozzy’s signature enchanting synth sequences, created with iconic synthesizers Buchla and Ems Synthi, steadily flow in and out with digital sounds and editing by Sabla.
The core of this collaboration is the exploration of these steady flows, which is a peculiarity easily found in both artists’ works. The 4 Flusso flow like water, like thoughts, like energy, lifting up with no specific intention if not the simple act of moving forward.


Crono Flusso I


Crono Flusso Ii


Crono Flusso Iii


Crono Flusso Iv