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Unknown Artist

Caribbean Sea

Have A Nice day (CACHAPAS-01)

Release date: Jan 1, 2023, Germany

Although it is hard to explain why, it's unmistakeable that music's potence only parallels that of the fauna as one moves closer to the equatorial latitudes of this planet. Cachapas is a HANDy effort at exploring the dance-floor oriented sounds of the eastern Caribbean triangle formed amongst Colombia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic where rhythms and percussions have clearly taken new life forms in the production methods of Caribbean studios during the 90s. Taking the American ideas of “House” music and adulterating it in the most pleasantly bombastic ways, some producers have shown that Latin house not only exists outside of the US but it flourishes in the most amazing and unimaginable ways. A collection of 3 edits that celebrate Spanish speaking south Caribbean 90's house based productions re-edited and re-mixed in less orthodox manners. For promotional purposes only.


Dominican Republic