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Gimme Love

700WET, a clever wordplay on "wet" and "watt", evokes the image of a charged battery ready to make some serious noise - and is eager to release its energy. This electrifying art-pop project is the brainchild of Marja Christians, an award-winning dancer and opera singer and Cid Hohner of Moonwalk X Records, OTTO, and Aufgang B. Their alluring synth-pop and honest operatic vocals transport listeners to a realm of sensual pleasure, inspired by the feminist power of erotica. Imagine Grace Jones singing minimal wave style in a Chicago house and you'll get a taste of their genre-defying 'Lovers-Dance' sound. Fans of italo disco and digi dub would surely like to take a bite here. They crafted their music with Yamaha Portasound keyboards and smoky Crumar string machines. All of this creates an authentic and distinctive sound that is hard to find elsewhere. 700WET is an explosion of creativity that will take you on a journey of lust, passion, and love.


Gimme Love


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