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En Viron

Rambadu (R004)

Release date: May 19, 2023, Netherlands

Rambadu's latest release "EN VIRON" aims to make you see life in a new light. He experimented with a unique tuning that holds a closer connection with our environments. Each day we go through cycles and especially when we remove ourselves from urban areas; some of these natural patterns become very distinct.

"En Viron", in the late afternoon life is the most vibrant and lush. The sun is high in the sky and all plants emit a fluorescent green glow.

"Ruutan", as the sun sets the creatures of the night slowly take over, filling the calm darkness with high pitched rattling noises that keep dancing in our inner ears.

"Zaouia", when the morning comes the first birds will sing and almost sound like an alarm that announces a new sequence and day.

The sounds and colors of nature will always be present to guide us.


En Viron