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Les Dupont

Sur L'Eau

Sunny Crypt (SCR-002)

Release date: Jun 6, 2023, Italy

Sunny Crypt is happy to announce the reissue of "Sur L'Eau", the sought after debut EP by French IDM pioneers Les Dupont, an electronic duo composed by Didier Blasco and Louis-Frédéric Apostoly at Nice’s Fine Arts school. Originally released in 1994 on the seminal Virtual... label, this record is a unique-sounding blend of trippy acquatic-themed house meets electronica meets ambient. Now up in demand and with OG copies hard to get ahold of, this new fully licensed and remastered edition comes with a bonus techno / trance jam called "Outremer", previously released only on CD on Les Dupont's 1995 debut album titled "Miracle". In the words of the artists, a kind of equivalent of surrealism, a work of collage, chance, freedom and experimentation of all kinds.


Sur L'Eau (Omnimix)


Alpha 29 - 30 (Galaxic Mix)


Le Corps Est Ici (Phase Mix)


Mille Plateaux