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Never Sleep (NSR013)

Release date: Jun 6, 2023, Germany

INTOXTC is the first EP under Ash Luk's post Minimal Violence alias,Infinity Division.

Like a phoenix rising, he continues his ascent through amelodic dystopia simultaneously channeling nostalgia and violence.

No stranger to Never Sleep after our //ZOO release and playing live shows for the club night for many years.

'Visions' has ID howling over eerie pop lubed melodies, jungle breaks which all come together to form a new age in crossover music.

Sounding like nobody else and completely blows the doors off the"Hyperpop" stigma associated with this kind of bravery.

'Thirteen' shows the club some trance fever dreams whilst 'Something Dreamy' breaks the whole fourth wall in its unashamed hands in the arrangement and palette.

Leading the charge is 'T-INT' - a HUGE orchestral noise rhythmic workout and shows the sheer volume that this producer can materialise.

Leftfield break up a mosh pit in NYC's CBGB and find Ian Curtis still dancing.






Something Dreamy



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