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Temple Rat

The Composition Of Air

Siamese Twins Records (ST​​​-๐​​​๐​​​๙)

Release date: Jun 1, 2023, Thailand

Siamese Twins Records presents Temple Rat, known offstage as Mei Yuxin, and her highly anticipated debut EP, "The Composition of Air." This album signifies her first solo release with Siamese Twins, following her contribution to the Kāthā V.A. (ST-๐๐ห้า), which Higher Intelligence Agency later reworked on ST-๐๐๘. Each track gracefully transitions, creating a harmonious blend of ethereal haze yet grounded echogenic brushstrokes. Despite the otherworldly ambiance, the EP remains deeply rooted in an ancient mystique, which Mei has skillfully crafted.

Hailing from Chengdu, Mei is a master of the traditional Chinese Erhu, a two-stringed folk instrument made of wood and snakeskin. The soulful resonance of this time-honored instrument intertwines with Mei's productions and live performances.

The opening track, "Dreaming of Electric Sheep," immerses listeners in a dystopian sci-fi atmosphere, masterfully merging rustic ambiance with hissing field recordings and IDM-inspired elements. Hypnotic rhythms envelop and wash over meditative alchemy.

"Rooted in the Soil of Your Heritage" features a captivating collaboration with Portuguese vocalist Meta_, taking on a contemporary darkwave approach. This track spirals into the horizon, offering solace through interlacing oscillations, and perfectly illustrates Mei's ability to facilitate interethnic dialogue with her distinct and enthralling Erhu sound.

The true story unfolds in the title track, "The Composition of Air," as Mei expertly employs organic synths to create absorbing arpeggios and sequences.
The final piece, "东风," feels familiar and otherworldly, as drums pirouette beneath melodies that balance delicately, culminating in an intriguing and welcoming soundscape—the ideal conclusion to a captivating EP.


Dreaming Of Electric Sheep


Rooted In The Soil Of Your Heritage


The Composition Of Air