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Jail Break

Feeling Wild / Mentality

Two highly effective late 80's house tracks channeling early Balearic house vibes one might imagine hearing outdoors on a sunny dancefloor at Amnesia in Ibiza. "Feeling Wild's" dreamy use of samples and bass lines places the listener somewhere between subaquatic deep diving with sea mammals and moments of tropical dawn. A potential Balearic anthem that sounds too familiar for those who might have been previously swayed by classics like "Sueno Latino" or Malcom McLaren's "Call A Wave". "Mentality" brings a more decisive direction to the sound of the EP shedding some of the atmospheric nuances much enjoyed on the A-side yet very much in the same line of very digestible outdoor-house, much exported from the UK to the Mediterranean House Mecca at that time. Dial in the summer vibe with this aural breeze of ease, yet again, only 3 decades later. Skillfully remastered by manmade mastering in Berlin.


Feeling Wild