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Paola Belloni

Paola Belloni

Miss you (MISSYOU028)

Release date: Jan 1, 2023, Germany

Much coveted in certain collector circles, this release offers 4 tracks originally recorded in 1985 by, at the time, high school starlet Paola Belloni. All tracks are sung in Italian and consistently easy to appreciate but "Vattene" and "Un Uomo Semplice" steal the show with remarkable downtempo smoothness gliding in the lower BPM ranges. Although many studios at the time would have already standardized more synthetic sounds brought by widespread access to electronics in the mid 80's, these recordings offer a more organic and warm sounding instrumentation - one solid round aural aperitivos. Officially re-issued with original artwork and re-mastered at Manmade mastering in Berlin.


Oh No




E Finirà


Un Uomo Semplice


Un Uomo Semplice (Versione Bossa)