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Ethereal Beat

Underboard (Remix)


Release date: Jan 1, 2023, Germany

A hard one to put in a box when it comes to genre, floating somewhere between italo and synth pop, originally released in Switzerland in 1985. Written by German pop group Hongkong Syndikat, both tracks with a very distinct and soothing sound that's hard to forget. "Underboard" is very cool paced downtempo number that builds up with layers of subtle percussion lusciously adorned by some heavy saxy reedsmanship and mysterious vocal accents with no real message - 100% chill o'clock served on ice. Cedar Of Lebanon picks up the tempo a notch, once again setting the scene for the reeds to shine as the catchy melody is presented, beautiful 80's instrumentalism from a golden age, clearly not made in Ableton. B side features a respectful DJ tool style remix by Anatolian Weapons. Remastered at Manmade mastering in Berlin.


Underboard (Remix)


Cedar Of Lebanon