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Saturns Drive

Next Stop Nebula

In times where fantasy worlds seem in danger of extinction, Saturns Drive created his own. ‘Next Stop Nebula’ combines oceanic slide guitars, early synth digitalism and 90s-inspired inspired rhythms to get any sailors ship sailing. The result is a fearless space where machines and guitars come together in a psychedelic pop meltdown.
Saturns Drive is a Berlin-based music project created by Elfy, a producer and DJ from New Zealand who draws inspiration from early sci-fi, exotica and library music, cosmic disco synthesizers, italo grooves and arpy electronics. He has recently been featured on the track "Parallel Panorama" by Saeko Killy and performs regularly along with other artists of the Berlin music scene.


Lilo On The Sea


Let's Get Digital


A Curious Carnival


Next Stop Nebula


Gaudi's Garden


A National Geographic


Bride Of Frankenstein


Burgandy Bachelorettes