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Volao (Extended)

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Miss you (MISSYOU035)

1x Vinyl 12" EP Reissue Remastered

Release date: Jun 11, 2024, Germany

Two gypsies with pedigree backgrounds in Flamenco got together with a drum machine in a studio during the early 80's and the result was Chipen, a somewhat poppy chart oriented project featuring Peret Reyes the grandson of legendary Catalan Gitano musician Peret (aka "El Rey de la Rumba") and Johnny Tarradellas. "Volao" is a mid tempo effort to bridge Pop and Rumba, mixing catchy funk guitar riffs with elements of Flamenco in unprecedented ways. "Chiribiri" sounds like it could be the theme song to a Catalan morning show or even a Japanese 80's Toyota Camry ad, reeks of stereotype and cliche, except that Chipen is the real deal, as real as the darkness of the hair dye on the cover photo. Extended version of Volao on the B side. Remastered at Manmade Mastering in Berlin.