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Andrea & Alexander / TINA - MUTANTHEADS 7" | Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001) - main
Andrea & Alexander / TINA - MUTANTHEADS 7" | Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001) - 1Andrea & Alexander / TINA - MUTANTHEADS 7" | Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001) - 2Andrea & Alexander / TINA - MUTANTHEADS 7" | Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001) - 3Andrea & Alexander / TINA - MUTANTHEADS 7" | Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001) - 4





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Sameheads (MUTANTHEADS001)

1x Vinyl 7" 45 RPM

Release date: Jan 1, 2024, Germany

Sameheads & Mutant Radio are going a teenie weenie bit further and unifying their ongoing collab in plastic. The kind you play, not the stuff you throw away.
Released in Spring, at a party we’re throwing together in Tbilisi, this little beaut is a double sided 7”.
The MUTANTHEADS split 7” features some solid sound rep from both projects….
For Sameheads, Andrea & Alexander release their first material together, acting as a kind of trailer to an upcoming album released later this year on R-I-O. The track “Olias” finally gets its press after once being performed live at the fabled Sameheads festival “City of a Thousand Suns”… those were the days eh…..
On the Mutant Radio side, fresh talent TINA delivers her debut release, and for that matter, the first ever track Mutant have put onto a piece of vinyl….. The track “Vacation” is the squelchy black sheep counter balance to the silky synth vibe of the other side. Just how they like it.
The release will be up for pre-order from next week, and the digital stuff too…. Just the 300 copies available…… So,,, fix up look sharp……