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Black Rain


1x12" 33 ⅓ RPM

Aug 18, 2015 - Germany


A1 - Metal Home
A2 - Autonomous Lethality
B1 - Interceptor (Miles Ramen Reshape)
B2 - Interceptor

About this record:

"Wether asteroid 99942 Apophis is actually a threat to earth, it is still uncertain. Whatever the outcome of its passing would be, is that earth is but a small dot on an infinite four­dimentional canvas, and the vastness of its destruction would leave the ever­changing universe indifferent. Just thinking of this generates both a sense of cosmic agoraphobia and a weird, doom­laden form of calm. In this sense, the four tracks contained in Black Rain & Shapednoise’s Apophis EP fell like an embracement of fear as a destructive form of communion. In the summer of 2014, doomy electronics veteran and Ike Yard member Stuart Argabright (Black Rain) and broken noise fanatic Nino Pedone (Shapednoise) have teamed up in Nino’s studio in Berlin to generate a bunch of supermassive bulbs of noise, whose chaotic energy is constantly reshaped by nonlinear broken beats. Their sense for groove and space makes us contemplate the beauty of collapse from the apparent safety of our metal homes. The three original tracks come along with a remix by Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker, who’s deconstructed the inorganic rhythmic force of the original track through mutated jungle tropes, turning its anxious feel into a rioting piece of post­dystopian hardcore."

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