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Cyborg Sally

Richard Pinhas

Cyborg Sally

2xLP Album Limited Edition

Apr 16, 2016 - France


A1 - Intro : Hyperion
A2 - Cyborg Sally
A3 - Derita (Toward A Creepy Afternoon)
B1 - Rock Machine : Red Ripe Anarchy
B2 - Gilles Deleuze : Beyond Hyperion
C1 - Nuke (The Ultimate "Interface" Interstellar Part)
C2 - Moira
C3 - Wag (Variation Sur Les Quatre Notes Fondatrices De Parsifal)
D1 - Tales From Hyperion
D2 - Ritournelle Part 1 - Part 2
D3 - _

About this record:

"« Cyborg Sally », inspired by Norman Spinrad’s novel « rock machine », marked the return of french pioneering electronic guru Richard Pinhas (Heldon) at the forefront of the french underground scene in 1994. This impressive work, the result of a two year collaboration with John Livengood (Red Noise / Spacecraft), achieves new summits of sophistication and maturity in the fields of electronic music. First time vinyl edition under licence from Richard Pinhas."

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