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Andrea Giuditta

Escandalo Totale/Sweet Revenge

Evasione Digitale (Evadi02)

Release date: Jan 1, 2023, Italy

In the rich legacy of '90s Italian clubs there's a region and, especially, a place that had its own set of rules. Club Imperiale was located in Tirrenia, on the coast of Tuscany. Its legendary parties, called "Mezzanotte Mezzogiorno” (Midnight Midday), were huge dj marathons that included the cream of local selectors such as Francesco Farfa, Robi J, Miky the Dolphin, Rick 8, and more.

In 1993, what became one of the club’s anthems was produced: “Sweet Revenge” was composed by the Falsini brothers and by one of the resident djs, Andrea Giuditta. The EP was released on Interactive Test and its peculiarity was the participation of Club Imperiale’s vocalist Franchino on one track.

Thirty years later, Evasione Digitale brings back four tracks of pure Tuscan Progressive bliss! The reissue includes the three tracks from the original EP and another version of “Escandalo Total,” previously only available on a limited promo release from Interactive Test.


Escandalo Totale


Escandalo Total (Franchino Is The Voice)


Sweet Revenge (Global Mix)


Sweet Revenge (Instrumental)