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Extroscopic (Extroscopic Version)


Extroscopic (Extroscopic Version Dub)


Extroscopic (Trancextro Scopic)


Extroscopic (Anatolian Weapons Remix)


Extroscopic (Anatolian Weapons Deep Mix)

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Sound Metaphors Records (SMR021)

1x Vinyl 12" EP Reissue

Release date: Dec 15, 2023, Germany

Sound Metaphors Records continues to explore the Italian early 90's techno scene with another re-issue of D.A.T.A.'s precious catalogue. Already 3 decades ago, 4 Italians got together in northern Italy to elaborate this sound, and it's only fair to say it's still timelessly effective, possibly a mixture of pure naivety and/or premeditated distilled club essence, bold and minimal in its use of rhythmic patterns generated by drum machines and samplers of the time. To imagine this music was being made in a time where only petrol company CEO's had cell phones, emails weren't even a thing, let alone social media, a time capsule into a special epoch where "progressive" or "trance" weren't quite established keywords yet. Re-issued with a new remastered face and 2 new remixes from studio guru Anatolian Weapons beautifully adding to this powerful exploration of club oriented electronics.